Aims & Scope

Economic and Business Review (EBR) is a double-blind refereed OPEN ACCESS journal that aims to further the research and disseminate research results in the area of applied business and economic studies, including various fields of economic research, bank and financial management, business informatics, entrepreneurship, international business, management and marketing. Although EBR accepts submissions that address the issues of current concern in a variety of areas, the journal especially encourages contributions that explore and highlight the implications for managers, organizations, and public policy in the Central and Eastern European region.

EBR encourages interdisciplinary submissions of innovative work exhibiting sufficient scientific contribution and potential for practical impact. Therefore, we are open to a diverse set of methodologies, best suited to the research questions studied, provided that adequate scientific rigour is applied. In particular, multi-method approaches are welcomed.

It is expected that submitted articles contribute to increased understanding of the phenomenon studied and are efficiently written, methodologically clear, conceptually and empirically rigorous, readable and bias free. Authors need to highlight how the paper adds to domain knowledge or improves existing knowledge in the area of applied business research.

The reviews are double-blind, but authors can suggest appropriate potential reviewers and subject editors for their papers. Our aim is to provide a quick initial response to submissions that are unlikely to be published due to poor fit with the journal’s scope. Furthermore, to ensure a fast and efficient review process, we aim to provide a final editorial decision after no more than two review rounds.