Journal policies

Economic and Business Review is an open access journal, which focuses on obtaining highest quality papers at most stringent academic standards, of both quality and ethics and to also provide the authors a timely and quality feedback about their submission. Authors should carefully consult journal policies (and further details in author guidelines).

Editorial Policy

  1. Review Process
    All reviews in EBR use a double-blind review process. Reviewers are expected to provide comments and recommendations in an unbiased and constructive manner, with respect for the author and with the aim to improve the quality of the manuscript. Each reviewer receives a formal recognition by the journal. The editor has the final authority for the acceptance/rejection of an article.

  2. Reviewers
    Authors may submit the names, addresses and/or e-mail addresses of up to three potential reviewers with the manuscript. The editor has the authority to decide whether or not to include the suggested reviewers.

  3. Concurrent reviews
    An article that is concurrently reviewed at another journal could not be in a review process at EBR.

  4. Resubmissions
    Manuscripts that have been rejected are not eligible for further consideration by the EBR journal. If a resubmission is allowed, it is explicitly stated as such in the editor's decision.

  5. Submissions
    Authors should define incremental contribution of the paper by referencing relevant work on which the paper is based. Submitting a paper that is substantially the same as a previously published paper is considered a serious breach of professional ethics and may result in editor informing officials at the authors' institutions of this breach. Papers that are improved versions of working papers or published in conference proceedings are also considered for review.

  6. Conflicts of Interest
    The author and reviewer are required to inform the editor of conflict of interest. Authors can specify up to two names of potential reviewers that should not be involved in the review process of their paper.

  7. Access policies
    EBR provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. Articles available freely online are more often cited and have greater impact than those not freely available. Immediately after publication, authors may post paper on the author's personal or institutional archival Web site.

Ethical and malpractice statement

In the process of publishing a peer-reviewed article standards of ethical behavior are respected by authors, editors, and reviewers.

All authors of research papers submitted to the journal should make a substantial contribution in the process of paper development. Authors should respect intellectual property rights when citing sources (consult author guidelines). Authors should defer to specific ethical standards when their research includes people and/or animals.

Editors are responsible for managing a timely review process, confidentiality, fair communication with authors and disclosure of potential conflict of interest.

Reviewers are responsible for providing a timely and an unbiased review of the paper. If the reviewer has specific, paper-related concerns, s(he) should discuss them with the editor only. Reviewers are also obliged to disclose any potential conflict of interest. Reviewers should keep the information about the review confidential and should not use any information from the paper before it appears in print.

Copyrights policy & Open access

Economic and Business Review is an open access journal. No publication charges or author fees are made.

All articles are permanently free for everyone to read, download, copy and distribute. Permitted reuse is defined by the following user licenses: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND).

The authors retain the copyright in addition to the scholarly usage rights and the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business receives the publication and distribution rights.