Guy Fournier


Sustainable Mobility; Global Warming; Peak Oil; Biofuel; Alternative Propulsions; Electric Vehicle; Vehicle to Grid (V2G); Car-Sharing; Automotive Industry


Mobility is essential to life, human needs, and economic development. Diminishing oil reserves, a growing dependency on oil and global warming will all strongly impact on mobility. However, innovative solutions exist. To keep mobility affordable it is likely that fossil-oil-based mobility will not be substituted by just one technology. Secondand third-generation biofuels and electric vehicles are some of the best ways to be energy and CO2 efficient in a well-to-wheel view. In contrast, fuel cells do not seem to be an alternative. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers will be firmly impacted by this evolution. The fastest and most innovative of them can take advantage of these challenges and find new interesting business opportunities.