open innovation, internal business environment, narrower and broader external business environment, context dependency


This article addresses the current condition of Slovenian business environment and its support to open innovation. By carrying out qualitative empirical research, we investigate to what extent determinants from internal, narrower and broader external business environment influence open innovation in Slovenian companies. Several support mechanisms were established to create friendlier environment for open innovation. Our study indicates that if Slovenia wants to be successful on the long run, supportive environment cannot and should not be based solely on government financial support, but must also contain other elements that affect technological development, meaning: 1) organizational culture, values, reward system; 2) legislation; 3) tax and social contributions; 4) bureaucratic barriers; 5) human resources; and 6) favorable bank loans, bank guarantees, venture capital, etc. The paper concludes with implications for managers and policy makers, outlining several promising areas for future research.