strategic planning, dimensions, organizational effectiveness, companies, Republic of Macedonia, emerging and developing countries


Strategic planning practice and effectiveness has been the subject of much academic debate in the Western context, but little empirical research and comparative analysis exists on this subject in emerging and developing countries. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between strategic planning and the organizational effectiveness with the examination of a wider list of strategic planning dimensions and different approaches and measures to assess the strategic planning effectiveness in the case of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as to conduct comparative analysis of the strategic planning effectiveness in different emerging and developing countries. Two regression models were performed as well as factor analysis was performed for all stated items for each of the investigated variables. The empirical analysis conducted in Macedonian companies shows that strategic planning can generally contribute to organizational effectiveness. The comparative analysis conducted in this study refers to useful knowledge conclusions for the specifics of strategic planning effectiveness in the emerging and developing countries and indicates the probable reasons for potential differences in strategic planning effectiveness in different countries.