equity beta, financial structure, financial crisis, risk, asset beta, computer and electrical industry


There comes a need for analyzing riskiness of many industries in Viet Nam stock market during the financial crisis period 2007-2011. Among these industries, the Viet Nam public utilities, natural gas and oil industries, specifically, also has to re-evaluate the risk level.First, we found out in the research sample that there are 84% of firms, of total 45 listed firms, with beta values lower than (<) 1, meaning with lower risk, and the systemic risk is acceptable.Second, there are 13% among total 45listed firms, whose beta values higher than (>) 1, meaning having stock returns fluctuating more than the market index.Third, among three (3) groups, the systemic risk in the electric power industry is the smallest, and asset beta variance in the gas and oil industry is the smallest, shown by estimated values of equity and asset beta mean.Finally, this paper generates some analytical outcomes that enable companies and government to have more evidence in establishing their policies in investments and in governance.