Delphi method, performance, hotels, drivers of performance


This paper brings together empirical studies in hospitality literature focusing on understanding the drivers of hotel performance and combines them with experts' opinions on the most important drivers of performance in the hospitality industry. The first step focused on studying more than 60 papers available in hospitality literature focusing on hotel performance. The second step involved the Dephi method on a pool of 10 experts from the hospitality industry in order to explore their opinion on major drivers of hotel performance. The results showed that literature is mainly focusing on examining the impact of HRM practices, organizational culture, ICT, brand equity, environmental practices and hotel facilities on performance. However, experts did not find those drivers to be the crucial factors of hotel performance. They emphasized the importance of location, product segmentation, company flexibility and cooperation between tourist service providers. Those drivers have not caught the attention of academia so far and they represent a potential new avenue for future hospitality research on understanding hotel performance. Both literature and experts found that market orientation, customer satisfaction, service quality and business processes are important drivers of hotel performance that require further research and examination.